Utilities Rates & Fees

Every two months, you receive a bill for water, sewer and stormwater services. Your bill pays for more than the water that fills your glass or washes suds down the drain. These rates help pay for the critical systems, operations and maintenance that make these reliable services possible. 

The City’s Utilities Department is funded by current customer rates and new tap fees paid by developers, not taxes. The revenue collected is reinvested in the water, wastewater, and stormwater systems you use daily. We prioritize financial stewardship, using the money you pay to responsibly operate and maintain the systems that deliver water, wastewater, and stormwater services today and in the future.  

The City examines and adjusts rates on an annual basis. For Arvada customers living inside the City, the rates remain among the lower half of the metro area. Learn more about how the City determines annual rates on the Utilities Transparency webpage.

2024 Rates & Fees

Effective January 1, 2024

Note: This does not include non-residential, out-of-city, multi-unit, and other charges. For a complete list of rates and fees, please download the 2024 Water and Sewer Billing Rates.

In-City Residential Service Rates & Fees

Water Charges
0 to 30,000 gallons 
(plus 13,000 gallons for each additional unit)
$5.63 / 1,000 gallons
30,001 to 60,000 gallons 
(plus 26,000 gallons for each additional unit)
$7.04 / 1,000 gallons
60,001 to 90,000 gallons
(plus 39,000 gallons for each additional unit)
$8.47 / 1,000 gallons
All remaining usage$11.28 / 1,000 gallons
Service Fee (single-family meter)$17.83 / bi-monthly bill
Sewer Charges
Per 1,000 gallons (based on winter time usage)$6.52 / 1,000 gallons
Service Fee$8.44 / bi-monthly bill
Stormwater Charges
Per square foot of impervious area on the property$0.0033 / bi-monthly bill

Bill Support

Customers can choose a monthly equalized payment based upon the past 12 months of water consumption. Contact Utility Billing at 720-898-7070 for more information and support with bill payment.

Pay Your Bill

The City provides a variety of methods for residents to pay their water bills.

Funding Our Water, Sewer, Storm System

The City's utilities systems are funded through rates, fees and new tap fees, not taxes.

  • Rates provide reliable, high-quality water service
  • Rates efficiently remove and treat sewage generated by our customers
  • Rates help safely discharge stormwater into local waterways

Increases in rates are due to higher raw water costs, energy increases, higher pricing for materials and chemicals, and the increasing need for rehabilitation and replacement of these systems. Learn more on the Utilities Transparency page. 

Stormwater Fee

The stormwater fee is based upon the amount of area on each property that does not allow water to absorb into the ground, such as driveways, patios, and rooftops. This fee helps to fund flood control and stormwater projects. Learn more on the stormwater page